October 2016

Common Dietary Supplement Myths You May Come Across

There is no doubt that dietary supplements have made life much easier for us; not only does it provide all the desired nutrients in just one pill but it also helps you achieve a health boost that will prevent you from getting any chronic diseases in the future. However, dietary supplements have been misguided by many manufacturers as well as consumers resulting in creating a false image of dietary supplement these days. It is essential for one to separate misconceptions from facts in order to use the dietary supplements the right way.

There is a popular misconception about dietary supplements that can eventually result in health problems. Many people are under the impression that when it comes to dietary supplements, large quantity is always a better option. This is not true, in fact has been proven to be dangerous and toxic for our health. The idea of mega dosing created due to the fact that these supplements are sold over the counter without the need of any prescription, unlike medicines. So far, there has been no scientific study that proves that large quantity of dietary supplement intake will have an immediate effect or a greater effect than that achieved with a lower quantity. You must always consult your doctor before using the dietary supplements like Garcinia Cambogia.

Many dietary supplements manufacturers, if not all, have described their product as natural. This ultimately leads to people believing that it is safe to use the supplements since it is natural. However, you must always keep in mind that natural does not always mean safe and that you should always be careful about the dosage. Furthermore, people are under the impression that this supplement will always work since it has been around for thousands of years.

Turmeric May be More Powerful Than Medicines

Turmeric is popularly known as the spice used in many recipes but little do most of us know that it is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs out there. It is one of those herbs that cure and reverse diseases effectively. A lot of research has been done in this regard to explore the extent of effectiveness of this herb. A lot of articles have been written and reviewed around the globe regarding benefits of this herb. Turmeric curcumin is the main ingredient responsible for powerful effects of this herb to cure a lot of diseases. It is among those herbs that have been widely researched in Science for its medicinal effects. Among other popularly studied herbs include cinnamon, garlic, milk, thistle and ginger. In many cases, it is widely believed that turmeric curcumin surpasses the effects of conventional medicine.


More than six thousand studies have mentioned turmeric being more effective than other medicines in many cases. This has been an interesting finding for scientists as they have further developed studies to use the healing powers of this herb most effectively. When people find out that turmeric has better effects than their prescription medicines, they prefer to take the natural alternative instead of other medicines because natural herbs have no side effects and their effect is long lasting.

Some of the drugs that are beaten by turmeric curcumin in being more effective include anti-depressants, pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and many more drugs. Turmeric is widely used in food in Asian regions and has a naturally enhancing taste. It is also a constituent of adding color to food as well as cosmetics. In many parts of the world, turmeric is already being used to cure arthritis, heartburn, intestinal gas and many other conditions. It is also quite effective for bloating, liver problems and even jaundice.

Physical Therapy Exercises Are Not The Same

Stride Strong has a team of professional physical therapists that make their patients feel better and stronger with the help of specific exercises. Major causes of joint, muscle and other pains in the body are usually due to damaged muscles or weakened muscles that can be repaired with the help of specific body movements. Those who are finding it difficult to run or even walk in some severe cases can resume their routine after getting treated by a physical therapist. Your physical therapist will first try and locate the root of the problem i.e. the muscles or joint that is causing the trouble followed by a drafting a set of movements and helping exercises to direct your body towards self-healing. All therapists strongly believe that body can heal itself completely under the right conditions. Note here that not all exercises are the same and your physical therapist is certified to figure out what exercise you need specifically for your condition. There might be some basic exercises that could be same for a lot of patients but there are fundamental difference between physical exercises for different issues. You may read more about these differences at stridestrong.com. You will find a lot of information on the services the company provides as well as important information on healing through physical therapy.

Woman Physical Therapist Instructor Helping Her Patient
Sportsmen have their own personal physical therapists that they tend to take with them on their sports tours because these therapists help them achieve muscle strength thus increasing their performance level. There is a reason all sportsmen refer to physical therapy in case of a serious injury and the reason is that they are aware of the fact that proper healing is possible by the body itself with the help of a few important exercises. Medications can help with the pain but they will not completely heal or strengthen the damaged or weakened muscles.

Take Advantage of Evening Discounts on Protein Supplements

It might come as a surprise about how many deals and discounts you can find on your protein buys. There are a lot of ways you can get discounts which include buying in bulk, using vouchers, keeping an eye on offers, planning your protein shopping according to the deals and looking out for evening dals. If you do a little research, your bill will go down considerably so you can easily keep your muscle building up without having to spend all of your salary on it. It is true that everybody is always on a lookout for fresh vegetables and meat but have you thought about how many times you have used them as soon as you bought them? Most of the times, half of what you buy goes stale and you have to throw it out or put your stuff in the freezer only to forget about it for a long time. Then what is the use of buying fresh and highly priced stuff in the first place? If you are that person who tends to freeze things up to use them later then getting frozen vegetables and groceries is a better option because you will be saving a lot of money on it. So next time you buy broccoli, carrots or lettuce and end up throwing half of them away because you didn’t use them in time, you might want to think about how much money you are throwing away doing that. If they have to go in the freezer anyway the buy frozen stuff to begin with and bring your food bill down.

myproteindiscountcode2If you take protein supplements instead of complete proteins meals, then to save money make use of regular discounts. Since supplements have a longer shelf life, you can order your supplements only when they are on offer.

Reasons You Should Avoid In-Taking Non Organic Juices

For those who don’t know, the industry is sprawling with foods and drinks that are non-organic in one way or another. For those who don’t know the difference between organic and non-organic in the food terminology, organic foods and drinks are basically without any additional chemicals or preservatives, while the non-organic food and drinks have some sort of chemicals, or preservatives added in them. While a lot of brands actually reassure that it is safe to consume these non-organic products, it is a simple fact that it’s not safe, and there are a lot of reasons behind that; for instance, these preservatives are often very concentrated, and can attack a person’s immune system directly. In addition to just attacking immune system, these preservatives can cause several different types of sicknesses as well.

It is recommended that everyone avoids these non-organic products. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you have to avoid non-organic products.

They Can Weaken the Immune System

maxresdefaultOur immune system is that one thing about us that actually protects us from diseases, however, constant use of non-organic products can actually weaken the immune system, allowing the viruses the attack us very, very easily. If you really want to consume juices on a daily basis, try out Buah Merah Mix, it’s a really good, organic juice that is made out of a famous fruit known as buah merah (red fruit) the juice is completely organic and really, really healthy.

Not Good for Health

Continuous consumption of something as dangerous as non-organic products can actually be really unhealthy, especially if your consumption is a lot, as well as regular. That is why a lot of doctors and health experts suggest you to avoid these because they happen to be so dangerous to your health.