February 2017

Harmful Chemicals in Tap Water

Everyone believes that things are now easier for us since we no longer have to struggle to get our basic necessities or luxuries in life. All we have to do is go to the supermarket if we need food or open our tap to get drinking water. The convenience does make things a lot easier without a doubt but it also means that we have no idea what is going on behind closed doors when these products are being prepared for us.

Most of the time, our food and water subjected to various chemicals that we are not even aware of. Today we are going to be talking about chemicals in our tap water that are harmful for us. You can click here for more information about tap water.


If you have been keeping up with the Flint water crisis, you probably know where I am going with this. The corroded pipes there have increased the level of lead in their drinking tap water by tenfold and lead is one of the most dangerous toxins for our body. Lead affects both adults and children causing stunted growth, learning disabilities and brain damage.

Fluoride is normally available in our tap water and is usually present in toothpastes to prevent tooth decay. Adding it in water has been going on for decades but it is dangerous and many countries have banned it effectively since it is a neurotoxin that affects the endocrine system.

Mercury is toxic as well and is known to cause nerve damage, atrophy, brain damage, memory loss and skin rashes.

Arsenic is used in a variety of industrial processes and gets mixed up with our drinking water. It is very harmful for our health and is known to cause problems like vomiting, diarrhea and long-term exposure can lead to bladder and lung cancer.

Losing Weight: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone has different reasons to exercise, some people might want to look good, and they might want to be healthier, be more confident or just look at it like as a form of stress-relief. For people looking to lose weight, it is not an easy road. Losing weight, especially a lot of weight, requires commitment and the ability to make some major lifestyle changes like eating healthier and even opting for a personal trainer Wirral as well. However, a lot of people, during this struggle to lose weight, end up doing a lot more damage than good. So, we will be discussing common mistakes people make when they are trying to lose weight.

Following fad diets and cleanses is the most common mistake made by people. Similarly diets that completely restrict an entire food group, also has side effects. The only thing these ‘diets’ do is help you lose water weight, which is why you can see the result in days. However, once the diet is over, the weight comes back and maybe even higher.

Another common mistake people make is essentially depriving their body of its needs. This does nothing to aid weight loss and if anything, it makes you feel sluggish and tired all the time. Balance is key here. Similarly, people who exercise a lot but eat really less, will also find that they are not losing weight either. This is because their body naturally goes into survival mode in these conditions and slows the metabolism down to store fat.

Choosing the wrong personal trainer or avoiding getting a personal trainer even when they can afford it. A good personal trainer Wirral will plan your exercise and your diet according to your body and needs all the while keeping your goals in mind, so not investing in one is a common mistake.

Lastly, not being patient when they are not seeing results and then quitting. Weight loss can be a long journey and you have to be persistent enough to see through it.

Downsides of Taking Chia Seeds

For those of you who are not aware, chia seeds are one of those dietary supplements that are known to contain very high percentage of healthy fatty acids and also soluble fibers. A very interesting thing about chia seeds is that they initially originated from Central America and were considered extremely valuable, so much that the Aztec civilization actually use the seeds as a method of payment and currency. In today’s world people have been utilizing chia seeds and deriving maximum health benefits from it but the thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is that while they may be extremely beneficial for people but there are some adverse side effects to them to pretty much like any other product in the market. Chia seed side effects need to be kept in mind so that people can take health precautions as well as make sure that they are not at any risk. So in order to prevent any mishaps from happening we will be listing down some of the chia seed side effects. Following are some of the side effects from taking chia seeds and their downsides as well.

Fat Accumulation
Sometimes because of taking high dosage of chia seeds people tend to complain about visible signs of bloating or gastrointestinal problems but you can easily get rid of it by actually lowering the dosage of chia seeds and it will automatically decrease the side effects from taking chia seeds too.

Acts as a Blood Thinner
Although the blood thinning properties of chia seeds might be useful for people as it helps in maintaining blood pressure but for people who are suffering from blood diseases or are due for surgery should avoid taking chia seeds as it can cause a significant drop in blood pressure.

The Best Rest Available

The orthopedic mattress is by far one of the most comfortable, the softest, the most relaxing, and one of the most favored mattresses by most mattress buyers. For someone who is looking to get a new mattress it is considered the best option and the best buy. While it is very soft the mattress has a lot of firmness to it as well, the orthopedic mattress is great for spreading your body weight in an even manner and giving you support as you sleep. It is a great mattress for anyone who has chronic pain issues like shoulder sprains, spinal and back problems, and neck pain. It is also useful for people who go to sleep fine but wake up uncomfortable because of sleeping position; it helps ease your sleep and gives you the support necessary so that you don’t ache anywhere in the morning. Using a orthopedic mattress helps a person with their sleeping posture as they sleep while also releasing any pain that they may have from pressure points. The orthopedic mattress is available everywhere in three different varieties, the coil sprung orthopedic mattress, the pocket sprung orthopedic mattress, and the memory foam orthopedic mattress.

The orthopedic mattress is made a little thicker and heavier than most other mattresses because of the way it is designed to aid body support while sleeping, however it is a very convenient mattress with lots of benefits to your health, plus it is very affordable too. Because of its strong and firm design it can last years after the initial use without losing shape of having broken springs. Highly durable the mattress is a perfect fit for anyone who enjoys a comfortable night’s rest, with the way the orthopedic mattress supports and releases stress from your body you will be sleeping like a baby every single night.

The Leading Dental Clinic in The Area of Lynnwood

Dentistry is an important field as it is responsible for the good health of teeth and gums of people. Often, people do not pay much attention to the health of their teeth and dental checkups are not necessary but when they suffer from a decay or disease, they regret avoiding the dentists. Hence, it is recommended that you go for routine dental checkups even if you feel you have no problem. Since dentistry is so famous, there are dental clinics sprouting up in every area but not all of them provide quality services.

Since teeth are precious and important part of the body, everyone should choose the best dental clinic. Speaking about best dental clinics, Dimayuga Dental clinic is the perfect choice for people living in Lynnwood Washington. It is operated by Dr. Rafael Dimayuga who is helped by his professional team who are all well trained in dentistry. Dr. Dimayuga took over from someone else and since he had done so, the number of patients and the popularity of the clinic have increased due to his skills and professional services to the community. Dir. Dimayuga is a highly trained dentist who beliefs in the good health of his patients and works hard to help out the people in dental pain.

According to the reviews of the customers of the clinic, the clinic is the best in field for certain reasons. Dr. Dimayuga is not only well trained in his field; he also has the art of speaking to his patients and calming down the anxious ones. The entire staff is known to be very informative and friendly. They make an effort to explain each and every bit of a procedure to the patient so that the patient is well informed.

Botox Guide 101: Is It Really Worth The Money?

You will be surprised to know that the history of Botox started with a mere case of food poisoning. It was discovered in the 1820s when a doctor was studying the cause and effects of toxic sausages that had killed several Germans. From then onwards, Botox has gained an immense amount of popularity; not just for the best. Contrary to the popular belief, Botox does not make it look like you’ve gotten an expensive surgery done. Quite the opposite actually, the results are purely aimed to give you the most natural wrinkle free look.

It was first used as a means of correcting crossed eyes so that one’s vision can be realigned. Since then, it has come a long way. The rates for Botox vary by places and the doctors; the usual range it is between $200 and $400. It will also vary by the area of the face and body that you want to improve as different areas have different intensity of effectiveness, differing in rates.

When it comes to the possible side effects of Botox, you do not have to stress or worry about it. According to several reviews and researches, there have been minimum to no side effects experienced by people. However, it is important to note that almost 2 percent of the people who got Botox done experienced severe headaches for a week after the procedure.

The procedure of Botox lasts for almost three to four months, depending on your doctor and the quality of Botox done (your cost will determine that). So is it worth the money? Absolutely! Not only it is highly effective but also it has no side effects. However, some people will not find the worth of this as it only lasts for about quarter of the year. Head over to EnvisageClinic health services for more details.

The Diet For Fitness

As I am sure many of you know, the most important thing when trying to get in shape is to reduce meal portions and eat healthier. As many people, trainers, fitness blogs, and the internet will tell you, your diet is a one way ticket to you actually achieving your exercise goals. Especially if you want something that is a little difficult to achieve, like six pack abs, you really need to make sure that your diet is properly planned and that you don’t eat unnecessary items or items that just end up being stored as fat. To make sure that you get the best from your diet plan here are a few tips and tricks about what you should be having, the types of portions you should be eating, and general tips for making sure that you get the body you want.

To start with, you need to cut out the biggest problem from your diet, processed foods. Processed food gives you all of the negatives with none of the positives as they strip the food being processed of most of its nutritional value. Things like white bread, white pasta, and white sugar are some of the most fattening and unhealthy items in your diet and are found everywhere. Switching to brown bread or brown sugar gives you the necessary fibers and nutrients that you would miss out on otherwise. This goes for most other processed foods too. Aside from processed foods you should also avoid fizzy drinks and beer as they are either unnecessarily sugary or have a high calorie count. One beer has about as many carbs as 7 pieces of white bread. You should try to drink water as much as possible in replacement for the sodas and clear liquor instead of beer to increase your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Travelling to Europe With EHIC

EHIC, the European health insurance card is an important piece of document covering most of your medical expenses while travelling to Europe, the basic concept is that this card is to ensure that the travelers get equal level of health care as the European citizens, as the name suggests this health cover is only eligible in Europe, the application process might differ from country to country but most of the European countries offer you to apply for EHIC online, if you are living in UK you can apply for EHIC at www.applyehiconline.co.uk.

EHIC is valid for twenty or more European countries and since many people travel all across Europe as the inter European policies are much lenient, EHIC is a common feature for many travelers including businessmen and students. Applying for European health insurance card is pretty straightforward but getting it is not so, that is mainly because people commit silly mistakes when filling up the forms, the application is completely free if you apply directly to the authorities, but before submitting your application what you must do is get it checked by expert professionals, you can do that by applying through www.applyehiconline.co.uk.

The official websites have a huge number of applications and they will not bother pointing out your mistakes, you get the card application rejected and you have to start the process all over again, this is the main reason why you must apply through the aforementioned website and have the peace of mind that your application will not be rejected, the website does not let your EHIC expire because the auto reminders they have will keep you reminding the expiry date and you will get it renewed on time rather than going through the whole process once again if the card has expired.

Idaho Dental Experts

When you are looking for a dentist for your family you will obviously want someone reliable and someone experienced. You will need someone that you are comfortable with and you know has the necessary qualifications and the necessary knowledge to properly take care of yours and your family’s dental and oral health. You will want a dentist who can do a wide array of dental procedures and operations so that they can offer you and your family the option to go to them with any dental or oral issue which they will be able to help with. It is very convenient when you have the assurance that you have a reliable dentist who can help you with what you need. On the other hand you want a dentist who properly explains what they are about to do and makes sure that you have an understanding of the procedure and that you will only get procedures that you are comfortable with done on you.

At the Oxford Dental Centre, located at Idaho Falls, we give you this assurance. That our dentists have a very large skill set and that they can use to make things as easy for you as possible. If for any reason a dentist cannot do a procedure or if a specialist can do it better then we also provide the option of going to one of our many specialists who can take care of individual needs of everyone. When getting operated on it is best that the procedure being done is done correctly and finished in the first time because an improperly done procedure will have to be done again, and that is a waste of your time and could even lead to problems. This is why you need professionals who can do it right the first time. Come to Oxford dental for a dental professional serving Idaho Falls and the surrounding communities.

Things You Should Avoid to Keep The Testosterone Levels Stable

Having stable testosterone is something really important for every male, after all, this is something that keeps your mood stable, as well as your mind healthy. However, do keep in mind that in addition to that, having a stable testosterone is also a sign of an overall better physical attributes.

With that said, there’s no point in hiding the fact that sometimes testosterone levels end up falling, but the good thing is that there is a possible way to increase, as well as maintain your testosterone levels. However, today, we are looking at something different, instead of focusing on the methods you can use to increase your testosterone levels, today’s focus will be on things you should avoid to keep the testosterone level stable.

Before we begin, we would like you to check out testosterontillskott in order to have more information about all the things that are good, as well as are bad for the testosterone levels in a person. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

One of the most common causes of low testosterone is obesity, and while obesity is something that can’t be avoided if it’s because of some sickness, or something else, if a person’s obese because of bad eating habits, or an unhealthy life style, then keep in mind that this is something that you have to avoid at all costs.

Emotional And Physical Stress
You should also try and avoid any physical or emotional stress, and while it may seem difficult, engaging in exercises, as well as yoga can actually help reduce emotional stress in many cases. As for physical stress, the best is to do squats, or some other exercises that will help you relieve the stress, allowing the testosterone levels to be stable.