March 28, 2017

Don’t Use Your Mobile Phone!

The title might surprise you and you must be thinking how can you live without your mobile phone it is such an important thing in our lives, people literally say that they can’t live without their mobile phones and given how dependent we have become on this small device, there is no surprise that they do say that, but if you have a habit of staring down at your phone and your head being in an unnatural position, then you must stop right away, you must develop a habit of leaving your phone to rest when it is not really required, just take it out of your pocket whenever you need to actually use it, it is as simple as that, excessive use of mobile phone will disturb your natural posture and it will not only give you temporary pain and strains but it has a permanent effect on your neck and spinal cord alignment.

If you hit the gym and workout really well and you have toned your body, your chests must be puffed out and you must have a really healthy posture but even that is not able to deal with the damage done by text neck and forward head posture syndrome, unless you ditch that habit, anything is unlikely to help you correct your posture, letting go of this habit is the first step then you must think about FHP exercises which target the correction of spinal alignment and ease up the text neck strain and pain, if it has already done the damage then you need proper medical attention and don’t be casual about it, log onto and read more about the importance of maintaining the right posture, this post shows the importance of avoiding such things and rectifying it at the first opportunity.