April 2, 2017

Where to Send Your Elder Family Member With Acquired Brain Injury?

Unlike other mental disabilities which are caused at birth embedded in a person’s genetic code, ABI is a mental disorder that takes place afterwards due to some sort of accident. It could be due to any trauma or physical concussion that caused it. As a person grows older, the effects of an acquired brain injury have chances of increasing in daily functioning.

How Do We Tend to Older People With ABI?
Care1, an Australian based care center for older and disabled people, helps older clients or patients with such mental disabilities. Families send their senior family members for their special care to be taken at Care1.

At Care1, rehabilitation is provided for those suffering from a brain injury. The elderly get to involve themselves in a community and recover from their injury with special care provided. There is a team of professionals trained in this field to help the client rehab using different types of approaches. It is recommended to use a rehab center instead of treating it with only medicine.

Attendant care is also provided by Care1 for people suffering from ABI. It is a personal care that our staff members give to older people that are unable to travel and prefer to be treated and cared for at home. In this case, regular family members may not be able to tend to all their needs which can result in a severe brain damage therefore it is advised to seek professional help.

Care1 also supports its clients with behavioral support. Older individuals suffering from an acquired brain injury or injuries can be a challenge to be provided with positive behavioral support. They resist any sort of change and require a professional approach of behaviorism to help them recover from their trauma.