Downsides of Taking Chia Seeds

For those of you who are not aware, chia seeds are one of those dietary supplements that are known to contain very high percentage of healthy fatty acids and also soluble fibers. A very interesting thing about chia seeds is that they initially originated from Central America and were considered extremely valuable, so much that the Aztec civilization actually use the seeds as a method of payment and currency. In today’s world people have been utilizing chia seeds and deriving maximum health benefits from it but the thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is that while they may be extremely beneficial for people but there are some adverse side effects to them to pretty much like any other product in the market. Chia seed side effects need to be kept in mind so that people can take health precautions as well as make sure that they are not at any risk. So in order to prevent any mishaps from happening we will be listing down some of the chia seed side effects. Following are some of the side effects from taking chia seeds and their downsides as well.

Fat Accumulation
Sometimes because of taking high dosage of chia seeds people tend to complain about visible signs of bloating or gastrointestinal problems but you can easily get rid of it by actually lowering the dosage of chia seeds and it will automatically decrease the side effects from taking chia seeds too.

Acts as a Blood Thinner
Although the blood thinning properties of chia seeds might be useful for people as it helps in maintaining blood pressure but for people who are suffering from blood diseases or are due for surgery should avoid taking chia seeds as it can cause a significant drop in blood pressure.