How The Big Corporates Profit From The Insecurities of Public

This article will shed light on how the big companies earn cash in people’s fears and insecurities relating their bodies. The standards of having a perfect body are set by the society but they are strongly implemented by the businesses which sell dietary supplements like green coffee bean extract. They recognize that everyone in today’s world is striving to be thin and perfect and those who are not, are in misery. The people who are overweight or thin suffer taunts and bullying from other people regarding their body which makes their life miserable and many falls into depression.

green-coffee-beans-in-a-bagIf it were not for these corporates, society would have loosened their standards over time but that is impossible as long as these companies are in businesses. They feed off the desperation of people and keep reminding them of how they are not perfect through commercials in which they highlight the problems of being obese and underweight. They do it in a grotesque way which enables a person’s insecurities and he is compelled to buy the product like green coffee bean extract.

They market themselves cleverly by the promise of achieving a perfect body through their products. They bring out people who have the ideal shape and invite people to be like them. Of course people fall prey to their techniques because who doesn’t want to look good?

In this way, they earn a lot and would keep on earning because most of the people’s wills are weak when it comes to their appearance. Their business will keep flourishing till people realize that they do not need these supplements and they can do it naturally. People need to be aware that most of the supplements and steroids have negative side effects which harm the body and drain the pocket of the individual.