Things You Should Avoid in Order to Have Better Hair

While our hair style doesn’t always define us, having a good hair is a definite plus for many people. To many, good hair gives a boost to self-esteem for one reason or the other, and it actually makes people feel better too. However, at the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that maintaining your hair isn’t something easy.

Unless you’re taking care of yourself, along with your hair on a regular basis, the whole concept of having good hair doesn’t work. With that said, there are some certain things that you need to avoid in order to have better hair, avoiding these things will basically help you prevent a lot of hair issues such as hair greying, hair fall, and overall hair damage.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at things you should avoid in order to have better hair.

Avoid Hair Bleaches

Yes, we know. In order to dye your hair, you have to bleach them first in many cases. However, what most of people don’t know is that that these bleaches have hydrogen peroxide, and it’s terrible for reverse grey hair hydrogen peroxide. It can severely damage your hair, and make them worse to an extent that even the new grown hair is often grey.

That’s why you should avoid any bleaching products.

Avoid Smoking

While smoking is injurious to health in any case, smoking is also not good for the growth of your hair. Researchers suggest that regular smoking can actually cause your hair to get damaged really, really fast. In addition to that, smoking is also the leading cause of grey hair, and overall hair fall. Not something we would suggest you doing if you want to have a head full of healthy hair.