Travelling to Europe With EHIC

EHIC, the European health insurance card is an important piece of document covering most of your medical expenses while travelling to Europe, the basic concept is that this card is to ensure that the travelers get equal level of health care as the European citizens, as the name suggests this health cover is only eligible in Europe, the application process might differ from country to country but most of the European countries offer you to apply for EHIC online, if you are living in UK you can apply for EHIC at

EHIC is valid for twenty or more European countries and since many people travel all across Europe as the inter European policies are much lenient, EHIC is a common feature for many travelers including businessmen and students. Applying for European health insurance card is pretty straightforward but getting it is not so, that is mainly because people commit silly mistakes when filling up the forms, the application is completely free if you apply directly to the authorities, but before submitting your application what you must do is get it checked by expert professionals, you can do that by applying through

The official websites have a huge number of applications and they will not bother pointing out your mistakes, you get the card application rejected and you have to start the process all over again, this is the main reason why you must apply through the aforementioned website and have the peace of mind that your application will not be rejected, the website does not let your EHIC expire because the auto reminders they have will keep you reminding the expiry date and you will get it renewed on time rather than going through the whole process once again if the card has expired.